[tor-dev] Heard of the Net Mundial meeting next week?

MSvB michael at schloh.com
Wed Apr 16 10:58:30 UTC 2014

Hello list,

There's a meeting [1] of one or two dozen delegate countries
relating to Internet governance in Sao Paulo next week.

A typical discussion topic is UNESCO's proposal [2] (search
for 'privacy' or 'anonymity'.)

Maybe a little off topic here, but this could be considered
of peripheral interest given that states influence regional IP
registries and sometimes attempt gatekeeping of border routes.

[1] http://www.netmundial.br/
[2] http://content.netmundial.br/contribution/unesco-comprehensive-study-on-internet-related-issues-draft-concept-paper-proposed-by-the-secretariat-for-consultations/155/


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