[tor-dev] Named pipes with tor

Nick Mathewson nickm at alum.mit.edu
Tue Apr 15 18:27:07 UTC 2014

On Mon, Apr 14, 2014 at 5:32 AM, carlo von lynX
<lynX at time.to.get.psyced.org> wrote:
> So the question is, would it be okay to catch ESPIPE in
> all cases, thus having it ignored in tor_fd_seekend,
> or just catch it in add_file_log? Or is there a reason to
> impede the use of unix named pipes under all circumstances?

I think it's fine to ignore that failure from tor_fd_seekend in this
case.  Actually, I'm not clear, looking at the code, why it's there at
all: it seems to me that O_APPEND should already put us at the end of
the file, right?  It's not clear to me why we mask out O_APPEND in
start_writing_to_file().  Maybe looking at the git logs will shine
some light on it...


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