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Michael Rogers michael at briarproject.org
Fri Apr 4 15:35:35 UTC 2014

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On 04/04/14 15:44, Nathan Freitas wrote:
> *ahem* Orbot represents 2 million users of jtorctl, and it works
> just fine for us (in our limited use of it).
> https://gitweb.torproject.org/orbot.git/tree/HEAD:/external

Hehe, I was just this second cloning the Orbot repo to see if you were
still using jtorctl. :-) Briar also uses it, as does Ploggy.

On 04/04/14 07:54, Karsten Loesing wrote:
> Michael, are you working on JTorCtl because you want to help out
> with writing some Java code?  If so, I might have some other fine
> Java code for you to hack on that is in active use:

I'd love to help, but right now I've got too much on my plate to take
on any new projects. Sorry!

> Or are you using JTorCtl for some project of yours?  In that case
> it might be easier to keep your own JTorCtl branch for now and ask
> for your changes to be merged when you publish your application.
> Of course, you could also open a Trac ticket and ask for review,
> but that might take between a while and forever.

I'm happy to maintain a fork - that's what I've been doing until now,
but I thought it might be useful to push my changes upstream. Here's a
summary of the changes:

1. Make TorControlConnection thread-safe
2. Convert TorControlError and TorControlSyntaxError into checked
3. Reduce the visibility of classes and methods
4. Use the Java 1.5 foreach operator for readability
5. Fix formatting of javadoc comments

Points 2 and 3 might affect existing users of the library. I'm happy
to post five small patches or one big patch for eventual review if you
think Trac's the way to go.


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