[tor-dev] Feedback on recent Globe improvements

Christian me at rndm.de
Tue Apr 1 20:12:18 UTC 2014

On 01.04.2014 09:56, Karsten Loesing wrote:
>> Do you think it would be better to modify the graphs so all of them
>> start/end at the same time? (There is a small offset because the first
>> and last fields aren't always the same)
> I thought about this, but didn't bring it up yet, because it may not be
> trivial to implement.
> Idea #1: Does the graphing engine support defining the x axis limits
> independent of displayed data points?  That is, can you draw a graph
> like this (bad ASCII "art" ahead):
>               +-----------------------------------+
>               |                                   |
>               |                       -O          |
>     O--       | --O------O--        --            |
>        --     |-            --    --              |
>          --O--|               --O-                |
>               |                                   |
>               +-----------------------------------+
>            x_start                              x_end
> If so, I'd say try setting x_start to current system time minus whatever
> period you're displaying and x_end to current system time.
> By doing so, you'll discard a few data points left to x_start, and
> you'll leave some graph space empty between the last O and x_end.  But
> you'll have graphs displaying exactly the promised time period, and
> graphs for that period will be easier to compare.  I'd say that's a fine
> compromise.
> Idea #2: If the graphing engine does not support redefining x axis
> limits, you'll need to do some tricks: if there's no data point for
> x_start, compute this point as the average of the two data points before
> and after x_start; also add a "null" value for x_end.
> Idea #3: If you want to postpone implementing this, feel free to open a
> ticket and paste our conversation there.  Especially if you'd have to
> implement a workaround for the current graphing engine and re-implement
> something else for Globe-node.  This is a nice feature and worth doing,
> but it's not a blocker.

I'm going to try solving this tomorrow. If nothing useful comes out of
it I'll open an issue.

>> Next up I'll add some data for the left column. Is there anything
>> special that should be visible there?
>> If not I'm going to use the status.github idea and display average graph
>> data there.
> Average graph data sounds good.  (If you're cutting off values left to
> x_start as discussed above, be sure to exclude them from the average.)

I updated the #11349 build with average data:


> Thanks!
> All the best,
> Karsten

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