[tor-dev] tor-bundle:How to extend the firefox context menu?

mabra at manfbraun.de mabra at manfbraun.de
Fri Sep 27 01:25:04 UTC 2013

Hello !
I am doing really very boosted webserach in the last month.
I am using the tor-bundle, if I am searching in several different
and sensitiv areas, like wiki-leaks etc.
>From my long term experience with all other search engines,
beside google, they really dont allow you to continue, if the
browser crashes. But this happens in minimum 10 times a day :-(
So I want to use google to search, without allowing them to track
me. This is why I use the tor-bundle. Using tor for simple webpages
is usually slow. What would beome best for me, is, to use the
tor-bundle together with the google search engine, but then,
have a context menue (right click) to open another browser
for a given search result item. The other browser then, is not
configured to use the tor network.
Does anyone has an information, how I, as an end-user,
can exceed the context menue in the tor-bundles browser?
Thanks anyway and
best regards,
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