[tor-dev] Torperf implementation considerations (was: Torperf)

Kevin Butler haqkrs at gmail.com
Wed Sep 18 01:49:01 UTC 2013

> Executing scripts and reading stdout/stderr is probably too low-level.
> I think we need a Python/Twisted (or whatever language Torperf will be
> written in) interface for running an experiment and retrieving results.
> You're probably right on stdout/err being too low level, but most
experiments would be reusing the provided implementation, just wrapping
them in a simple manner. Anyway I think there's a language agnostic way to
get this working, without forcing any extensibility on matching Torperfs
language of choice. I've tried to be pretty generic in my attached changes.

> Well, thanks for your input!  As I said above, it would help a lot if
> you added these ideas to the appropriate sections of the design document.
> Please see attached.

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