[tor-dev] OnionMail First Test

Liste listsmlm at tramacci.org
Tue Sep 17 01:51:19 UTC 2013

Work complete for the version 0.0.0Beta


to create user:
telnet 9100
C = client
S = Server
S: +OK ControlPort 1.0 sfl‚4£$£"f
C: server alice hackme <- default password
S: +OK KESIA [example] `example`
C: addusr test <-- local part
S: +OK New user created
S: Mail=test at your.onion
S: User=test
S: SMTPPasswd=lunc6){><uFXSpaoWnJHl1px
S: POP3Passwd=kfzb};VW,NKwLz"JM2Hmrwot
S: Server=your.onion
S: MsgSize=2000000
S: MaxMsg=128
S: MsgOld=40
S: Inet=
S: QFDN=your.onion
S: .
C: quit
S: +OK Closing

smtp server (tls if available) 25
user test etc...etc...

pop3 port 110 (tls if available)

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