[tor-dev] I have a project that might interest you. OnionMail

Liste listsmlm at tramacci.org
Sat Sep 7 02:21:51 UTC 2013

my name is EPTO. I am the founder of Anopticon Project and tramaci.org
http://tramaci.org/anopticon  (Map of Video surveillance cameras)
(This listsmlm at tramacci.org is my mail address for mailinglists).
I'm building a new project: A mail server for the tor netword to
increase the privacy of mail communications.
The project is named "OnionMail".

OnionMail is a SMTP/POP3 compatible mail hidden server with some
extended functions:
* Multiple instances of server. (multiple indipendent hidden serivces).
* SSL cryptography by default. (STARTTLS)
* Encrypted filesystem with asimmetric keys for any user, any log and
* Multiple encryption everywhere, RSA + AES +  RSA + AES with salt
* Support for unicode password
* Inhibition of store any message in relay server.
  (Only direct connection is allowed without multiple connections).
  Eg.:  Client_Of_Sender -> SMTP1 -> SMTP2 <- Sever_Of_receiving
* Metadata protection
* SMTP Compatibility
* AntiSpam, blacklist realtime filters
* Decentralized trust system for SSL certificate and public keys, GPG
keys, Spam blacklist, etc...
* Mailing list support
* Anonymous remailer
* username at address.onion email addresses. Your onion mail ;)
* Garbage collector to remove automatically old messages.
* GPG Support and optionaly GPG compulsory.
* Clock and time zone spoofing.
* Bulit in server operations:
   Add / Remove mail address or mail server in black list.
   Mailing list Subscribe / Unsubscribe
   Request for anonymous mail address
   Request of server "rulez".
   (All via mail message to the server directly "server@ xyz... .onion ")
* JAVA Implementation for all platform.
* Localhost control port and server API.
* Protected server password and keys (optionaly not saved).
* Localhost full net use: etc...
* IP BlackList
* onion BlackList
* tor connection verifycation.

* SMTP Exit Route/Enter Route with mail alias to connect internet to tor
and vice versa.
* DNSBL for normal SMTP operations. (not user for .onion address).
* Mindless compliant mode:
   Prevent bad use of DNS, direct internet connection, exit enter node,
enable only tor
* Etc......

The project is not pubblic at this time. In a short time it will public.
(Ver 0.0.1 Beta)
I joined to get some advice. I read somewhere that you should contact
for projects here.

What do you think about OnionMail?

Sorry if the message is too long. but the project is big.

The slogan is:
«In the future, maybe we will implement the anonymous coffee!
Today, only OnionMail ;) »

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