[tor-dev] Pluggable transport weekly meeting

Ximin Luo infinity0 at gmx.com
Fri Sep 6 10:13:39 UTC 2013

On 06/09/13 09:58, Vmon wrote:
> Preliminary, we decided to have the meeting on Fridays, cause why not,
> but if you have serious problem with Fridays then we might be able to
> pick a better day.
> For the time of the meeting, considering the geographical positions
> of the current transport developers, we'll probably end up having a CEST
> evening and PST morning meeting. Having that in mind I suggest:
> CEST: 18:00
> BST (Summer GMT): 17:00
> EST: 12:00
> MNT: 10:00
> PST: 9:00
> So if this doesn't work for you, please reply to this email with your
> alternative proposal.

WFM, I will be online today at that time even.


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