[tor-dev] Pluggable transport weekly meeting

Vmon vmonmoonshine at gmail.com
Fri Sep 6 08:58:55 UTC 2013

I sent this email quite a while ago and I was surprised that nobody was
interested/replied. Today I found out that I had sent it to a wrong
address. But here we are, so I'm sending it again. So please reply so we
can kick this off soon.


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Hello Tor devs,

Following up on what we came up with in the dev summit
we are going to have weekly 30-minute IRC meeting focusing on pluggable
transports. The format (I think) will be scrum-esque that every
developer who is working on a pluggable transport will update everybody
else about the work they did/are doing on their transport during the
week and ask questions if they have any, for example if they got stuck
somewhere and they think somebody can help.

Preliminary, we decided to have the meeting on Fridays, cause why not,
but if you have serious problem with Fridays then we might be able to
pick a better day.

For the time of the meeting, considering the geographical positions
of the current transport developers, we'll probably end up having a CEST
evening and PST morning meeting. Having that in mind I suggest:

CEST: 18:00
BST (Summer GMT): 17:00
EST: 12:00
MNT: 10:00
PST: 9:00

So if this doesn't work for you, please reply to this email with your
alternative proposal.

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