[tor-dev] Sponsor F: update; next meeting [in *two weeks*]

matt at pagan.io matt at pagan.io
Mon Oct 21 19:21:54 UTC 2013

I wanted to give another update as to the status of patching Mumble to support
native Tor proxification.

Mumble uses its own connection protocol to make external connections, a protocol
which is defined in a 30-page pdf file which comprises most of Mumble's
documentation (the comments in the code are quite sparse). Most of the methods
laid out in mumble-protocol.pdf are defined in the file mumble.pro (or
mumble.proto in the github version). I suspect the method named 'connect' of
being a culprit in the DNS leaks. Unfortunately 'connect' is not defined in
mumble.pro like the rest of the connection protocol. Right now I am searching
for where this method is defined. I have visited #mumble on freenode, but no one
there was able to offer any insight. I even wrote a simple tool to help me
search for this method, but 'connect' is used in over 30 of mumble's *.cpp files
(and none of the *.h files).

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