[tor-dev] Otter-related outreach, training & documentation meeting is at 1530h Pacific on Tuesday 2013-10-15

Tom Lowenthal me at tomlowenthal.com
Thu Oct 10 17:41:05 UTC 2013

It'll be in #tor-dev.

If you want to be in the `to` field for future emails, announcements,
and so on (rather than just reading them on `tor-dev` or
`tor-assistants`), you should add your name, IRC nick, and email to
the [Buoyant wiki


On 8 October 2013 16:20, Tom Lowenthal <me at tomlowenthal.com> wrote:
> People of Earth, heed my call!
> Based on feedback that Boisterous Otters has too much to do, and on
> the fact that current Boisterous meetings are using their full time on
> only half the topics, we're splitting Boisterous into two components.
> The first component is going to stick with the name Boisterous, and
> deals with the first two activities: the helpdesk, and l10n. If you're
> already working on these things, nothing is changing for you, and you
> may be able to stop reading this right here.
> The second component is picking up the name **Buoyant**, and will deal
> with the remaining activities:
> * written materials on general communications security
> * short videos multi-language training videos
> * outreach to Iranians and the Iranian diaspora
> * social-media, radio, and television outreach.
> * training, and train-the-trainer work
> If that sounds like your cup of tea, kettle of fish, or flagon of ale,
> then you should come help us get started by filling in this [Doodle][]
> **by Wednesday afternoon** so that I can plan a meeting at the end of
> this week or the beginning of next. Please fill out the Doodle if
> you're definitely coming, and plan to be part of the core effort. If
> you just want to show up to spectate or lend a hand, there's no RSVP
> needed.
> I plan to look at the Doodle around 1700-1900h Pacific tomorrow, and
> I'll use whatever it says then to try and pick the best time. I'll
> send the time out to tor-dev, bcc-ing everyone who's expressed an
> interest or answered the poll. That's 24 hours to give me your
> availability, but only about 16 hours between when I send out the time
> and the first possible meeting slot, so check your mail tomorrow
> evening Pacific.
> If you have any specific suggestions about venue, format, or other
> running *of the meeting*, and you plan to be there, please reply
> publicly or privately before I send out the scheduling meeting. If you
> have specific plans about how to git'er done, you can either email me,
> or bcc me on a tor-dev-bound email with an appropriately-ottery
> subject line. Do note, however, that other folks may not be able to
> read your suggestions if you send them less than 12 hours before the
> meeting. I'll try to read them anyway, but that's only out of the
> kindness of my heart.
> Questions on a postcard please,
> -Tom
> [Doodle]: http://doodle.com/pm5cfunbcwuyrwh6

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