[tor-dev] RESPONSE REQUESTED: scheduling Otter-related outreach, training, documentation &c. kickoff [due wednesday]

Tom Lowenthal me at tomlowenthal.com
Tue Oct 8 23:20:28 UTC 2013

People of Earth, heed my call!

Based on feedback that Boisterous Otters has too much to do, and on
the fact that current Boisterous meetings are using their full time on
only half the topics, we're splitting Boisterous into two components.

The first component is going to stick with the name Boisterous, and
deals with the first two activities: the helpdesk, and l10n. If you're
already working on these things, nothing is changing for you, and you
may be able to stop reading this right here.

The second component is picking up the name **Buoyant**, and will deal
with the remaining activities:
* written materials on general communications security
* short videos multi-language training videos
* outreach to Iranians and the Iranian diaspora
* social-media, radio, and television outreach.
* training, and train-the-trainer work

If that sounds like your cup of tea, kettle of fish, or flagon of ale,
then you should come help us get started by filling in this [Doodle][]
**by Wednesday afternoon** so that I can plan a meeting at the end of
this week or the beginning of next. Please fill out the Doodle if
you're definitely coming, and plan to be part of the core effort. If
you just want to show up to spectate or lend a hand, there's no RSVP

I plan to look at the Doodle around 1700-1900h Pacific tomorrow, and
I'll use whatever it says then to try and pick the best time. I'll
send the time out to tor-dev, bcc-ing everyone who's expressed an
interest or answered the poll. That's 24 hours to give me your
availability, but only about 16 hours between when I send out the time
and the first possible meeting slot, so check your mail tomorrow
evening Pacific.

If you have any specific suggestions about venue, format, or other
running *of the meeting*, and you plan to be there, please reply
publicly or privately before I send out the scheduling meeting. If you
have specific plans about how to git'er done, you can either email me,
or bcc me on a tor-dev-bound email with an appropriately-ottery
subject line. Do note, however, that other folks may not be able to
read your suggestions if you send them less than 12 hours before the
meeting. I'll try to read them anyway, but that's only out of the
kindness of my heart.

Questions on a postcard please,

[Doodle]: http://doodle.com/pm5cfunbcwuyrwh6

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