[tor-dev] Attentive Otter: Analysis of xmpp-client

Nima nima at redteam.io
Mon Oct 7 19:47:22 UTC 2013

> Jurre van Bergen wrote (07 Oct 2013 18:50:08 GMT) :
>>> Unfortunately, it's not in Debian. I've found no RFP or ITP either.
>>> Anyone here with sufficient understanding of both Go and Debian
>>> packaging, and wants to add it to Debian? Or should I file a RFP?
>> I see:
>> [~] apt-cache search golang
> Sorry if I was unclear: with "it", I was referring to xmpp-client,
> not to the Go tool chain.
> Having the Go tool chain available is great, and a necessary first
> step, but that's quite different from being able to `apt-get install
> xmpp-client' and then see the upgrades and security fixes flow in just
> like for basically all other software I'm running.

+1, Yes please!

-- mrphs

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