[tor-dev] Dynamic Networks in Chutney

Christopher Baines cbaines8 at gmail.com
Tue Nov 26 18:32:22 UTC 2013

I am attempting to use Chutney to test some hidden service related
functionality in Tor. Specifically distributed hidden services involving
more than one node.

Furthermore, to extensively test aspects of this, the network needs to
change. At the moment, I have just looked at nodes coming up and down,
but this could probably be extended also.

Currently I believe the support for this functionality is limited to a
patch (very functional, I have been using it successfully) that allows
nodes to start after a delay [1].

While this does work, this could make any tests that use delays respond
differently depending on what system they are ran.

The best solution to this that I can see is using some event based
system, such that chutney (using an existing Tor controller) connects to
the nodes as necessary, to check their state, and trigger any events as

A few high level examples that I would like to use:
 - when node 010h has uploaded a descriptor for service <service>, start
node 011h
 - when any of nodes (000a, 001a, 002a) have a service descriptor for
<service>, start node 011h

Do others using/developing chutney think this would be a useful
addition, and is anyone already working on doing this or similar?

1: https://trac.torproject.org/projects/tor/ticket/10155

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