[tor-dev] Apple App Store Redux

Adam Shostack adam at homeport.org
Wed Nov 20 18:42:31 UTC 2013

On Mon, Nov 18, 2013 at 02:07:26PM -0500, Nathan Freitas wrote:
| >>> Getting TBB into the App Store would definitely help increase
| >>> its visibility on the OSX side. However, I am not really in
| >>> favour of giving a US company a list of all users having
| >>> downloaded TBB plus information whether or not they are
| >>> upgraded to the most recent version...
| > IMO this is a very persuasive reason not to put it there.

| For what it is worth, this is what we effectively do by putting Orbot
| in the Google Play store. We heavily promote alternatives (direct APK
| download, F-droid repo, etc), but Google Play is where the majority of
| downloads come from.

I feel this is an important point.  Doing the best thing for a small
number of people can be supplemented by doing the second-best thing
for a larger group.

There's also a security-usability synnergy here.  The more users Tor
has, the more secure it is.  In other words, Tor should be where
people expect to find it.  The website can say explain the tradeoff.


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