[tor-dev] next globe update feedback

me at rndm.de me at rndm.de
Thu Nov 7 20:33:23 UTC 2013

> If there isn't anything wrong, I will release it to the regular globe 
> url.

I deployed the latest globe version on http://globe.rndm.de/ .

The jshint code quality check was replaced with latest eslint version 
that works without jshint.
Aside from the already mentioned changes I fixed the bridge/relay detail 
page if no detail document was found.

I also added relay family links. While working on this feature I noticed 
that the onionoo family field can return fingerprints of bridges.
I modified the way the relay details route works and now it checks if 
the api returns a valid relay. If this isn't the case it checks for a 
bridge and redirects to its detail page.
(for example "TorLand2" has a bridge in its family members field and 
clicking on the fingerprint throws an error on atlas)

If this behavior is wrong or something is missing just tell me.


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