[tor-dev] next globe update feedback

Damian Johnson atagar at torproject.org
Mon Nov 4 03:04:53 UTC 2013

> : Damn this is awesome! I'm tempted to link to this from our front page
> : (replacing Tor Browser in the project matrix on www.torproject.org,
> : since TBB is already the featured item on the download page).
> :
> : Mike, Roger, etc: Any objections?
> TBB should stay where it is. Maybe feature this globe app from the
> metrics page.

Metrics is a site for researchers. Globe is a client application akin
to Atlas. They're different audiences. I still like the idea of
replacing TBB on the front page because, of the things we list,
including it there offers no value to visitors (it's already the
primary thing we vend). That said, this might be a moot discussion
until we sort out the second bit...

> : Christian: Pity it doesn't have a valid cert. It would be nice if it
> : defaulted to SSL.
> Can we run the code somewhere rather than on a 3rd party server?

Christian suggested hosting it on TPO infrastructure elsewhere on this
thread too. Sounds like a discussion that should move onto a ticket.

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