[tor-dev] .i2p address support in torsocks

Maxim Kammerer mk at dee.su
Sat Nov 2 17:25:42 UTC 2013

On Sat, Nov 2, 2013 at 5:58 PM, David Goulet <dgoulet at ev0ke.net> wrote:
> For now, it would only be .i2p address support (like .onion). In
> torsocks, it's not that difficult to support both addressing.

Does I2P's SOCKS proxy work in a way that's similar to Tor? Other
proxies in I2P are protocol-specific — e.g., ports 4444/4445 for
HTTP(S) and 6668 for IRC. I am quite sure that protocol-specific local
I2P proxies like HTTP and IRC strip sensitive information, so
providing the user with an easy access to .i2p services via SOCKS
might be the wrong thing to do. The SOCKS information page [1] is
rather scarce on details of what actually goes on inside the proxy,

[1] http://www.i2p2.de/socks.html

Maxim Kammerer
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