[tor-dev] Gitian-based Deterministic Build System for TBB (Need MacOS Help!)

Mike Perry mikeperry at torproject.org
Thu May 23 00:40:56 UTC 2013

Mike Perry:

> Thus spake Jeroen Massar (jeroen at massar.ch):
> > On 2013-05-15 08:49 , Mike Perry wrote:
> > > Unfortunately, at least one of those URLs say that to produce a
> > > cross-compiler, you need access to an OSX SDK. Since I do not have a Mac
> > > that is currently supported by recent OSX SDKs, and since we *really*
> > > want to be sure that the cross-compilers we produce use code from a
> > > fresh known-good SDK install, I won't be doing this. Please let me know
> > > if you'd like to help tackle this problem.
> > 
> > The tutorials you provide all use OpenDarwin's cctools, which is a
> > modified/"improved" version of Apple's opensource cctools. Most of that
> > stuff is pretty outdated though, as OSX is at 10.8, not 10.5 from about
> > 6 years ago. It seems though most people (reading what is being done on
> > the web ;) are using the flosoft stuff which is at least 10.6 and embeds
> > the OSX SDK.
> Ok, I guess I will just go the flosoft route then. I will work on
> writing gitian descriptors using these binary packages. However, it
> looks like right now this means I have to use "Maverick" (11.04) as the
> Gitian VM's base install. Since "Maverick" is unsupported for security
> updates, this might be unwise for production..
> Is anyone able to work on rebuilding flosofts's .deb packages for either
> lucid (10.04 LTS) or precise (12.04 LTS) while I work on getting initial
> Gitian descriptors using Maverick for now?
> https://launchpad.net/~flosoft/+archive/cross-apple/+packages

Good news, everyone!

I ended up hitting an Internal Compiler Error in flosoft's GCC while
trying to build Firefox with them. After a long and painful saga of
trying to rebuild a newer version of GCC, I eventually discovered the
excellent "toolchain4" cross-compilation project maintained by Ray

Despite using the same base GCC version as flosoft (4.2.1), his compiler
does not hit the ICE with Firefox.

Moreover, with Ray's help, I was able to use his binaries and the
flosoft OSX 10.6 SDK to successfully build a working TBB for Mac from
Gitian. These descriptors are now in the repository, and the Makefile
should now build bundles for all three platforms by default.

There still are some branding and localization bugs, and I have not yet
redone the whole build to verify determinism for MacOS yet, but I am

Mike Perry
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