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Wed May 22 17:03:18 UTC 2013

Hello again,

Now that after several hours of work, we have come full circle back to the
same email address I used for my original contacting you? I was not
allowed to contact you through this address because I was not a registered
user of this system?  Now that I am a registered user of this system, I
still have the same questions for you...Is this your most secure form of
communication and is it safe for me to send you this information via a MS
word document here through this email?

This information should only be viewed by top Tor Developers and
Management it is not meant for general discussion or a general discussion
board viewing.  This is the reason for my asking again about this again. 
I am providing you with a new technique for the secure communications of
bridge address network locations.  This method is proven and will work for


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