[tor-dev] building from source in a 64-bit windows environment..

not me anemenja at gmail.com
Sat May 18 02:07:27 UTC 2013


It seems fairly self-evident that tor hasn't been build for 64-bit
windows and questionable whether it's ever been built in an
environment that doesn't utilize mingw. There are literally hundreds
of thousands of warnings about integer truncation, at least some of
which seem somewhat problematic (64-bit pointer being stored in a
32-bit integer (why?! why?!)), a small amount of signed/unsigned
comparisons or sign extensions, and a bunch of calls to functions
without including the proper header files or using the correct
function name ('open()' vs '_open()' without including io.h) and so

This of course is ignoring all the calls to
str{,n}cpy/{v,}s{,n}printf/etc and posix function names long since
deprecated (fileno() vs _fileno()) and so on. Errors relating to MSVC
finally including a stdint header (cstdint) and typedef's for intptr_t
not producing the right size primitive, etc.

I realize that many/most/all of the developers here are going to see
no problem with using mingw, but if you spend some time looking
underneath the hood and reviewing the code generated by mingw v. msvc
both in terms of security features and general performance, I can't
feel that its a prudent or responsible choice to produce anything
under windows using GNUs development tools. So I'd prefer to just
eliminate all such 'fixes'.

Moving to 32-bit isn't an option either, I'd have to switch out far
too many dependencies that frankly are a bit more important, and well
I need 64-bit for some aspects and it's only been a decade since AMD
released their first 64-bit chip.

So, has anyone out there successfully built tor with a 64-bit msvc,
and if so, you don't happen to have a list of voodoo tricks you
performed or a diff or similar?


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