[tor-dev] obfs3 and Android

Gordon Morehouse gordon at morehouse.me
Thu May 16 17:50:37 UTC 2013

Hi there, I know a user in China with an Android device who is having
trouble with the GFW.  I run private bridges for a couple friends in odd
places and recently upgraded to obfs3, but after inquiring on IRC this
morning I found that Android doesn't have obfs3 support yet:

17:17 < gamambel> gmorehou: unfortunately, not yet. someone has to
either implement obfs3 in C, or make the new python obfsproxy work on
Android. i don't think anybody is working on that yet.

Just a quick question (apologies if it's a repeat) from a totally
Android-naive developer: is using Jython a possibility to speed the
availability of obfs3 on Android?  Last I knew, which was in the dark
ages, some Python code could be tortured into running on Android devices
by compiling it with Jython.  Just curious if this has been considered
or not.  I don't know what Android-specific problems there may be, but I
know that in general Jython lags behind the latest stable Python, so
e.g. code written against Python 2.7 might need to be tweaked to run
against 2.5, etc.

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