[tor-dev] Local onionoo cache

Arturo Filastò lists at fuffa.org
Mon May 13 17:21:51 UTC 2013

On May 13, 2013, at 7:15 PM, David Fifield <david at bamsoftware.com> wrote:

> Thank you for taking a look.
> On Mon, May 13, 2013 at 08:58:27AM +0200, Karsten Loesing wrote:
>> I'm not sure, but Tor2web might do something similar.  From Onionoo's
>> project page: "Tor2web is a web proxy to Tor Hidden Services. It uses
>> Onionoo to get the list of currently running Tor Exits to detect if the
>> client is a Tor user and if so redirect them to the .onion address."
> If I read this right, Tor2web is doing it not only for exits, but for
> all relays:
> https://github.com/globaleaks/Tor2web-3.0/blob/c6e26b35e83fd897f9c4f9cb6787eb0132d8a9d0/tor2web/utils/lists.py#L230

Yeah we are doing this because downloading all the exit lists is too much. If there was a better way to do this we would be very useful to us.

We only need the exit list, but we consider any relay as a possible exit. This means that stuff like a relay that exits  through a different address will not be detected as coming from Tor (this is something torbel accounts for).

These are the relevant tickets on the topic:




~ Art.

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