[tor-dev] Status of Torouter project

adrelanos adrelanos at riseup.net
Sun May 12 21:47:51 UTC 2013

Griffin Boyce:
> Hello all,
>   So I'm part of a team working on wireless mesh, and Torouter has come up
> a few times this week.  Is it actively being developed?  Given the state of
> the roadmap [1], I'd sort of assumed it was inactive or on hiatus, but
> others had heard differently.
> thanks,
> Griffin Boyce

I am happy to hear about any status updates.

ficus moved it forward:

Not sure if he's still working on it / still interested. Added to cc.

See also status update from March 2012:

Accesslabs: no visible progress. No saying there is none or they are not
working on it, but I never found a public mailing list, git repository,
trac timeline is empty. Happy to be proven wrong. Perhaps mail them.

Other links:

About Accesslabs TorWRT:
Not sure it's good to base a Tor Router and WRT, which uses OPKG Package
Manager, which does not sign/verify packages. So an MITM is in position
to send a malicious update. Not very good for a security sensitive project.

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