[tor-dev] Local onionoo cache

David Fifield david at bamsoftware.com
Sun May 12 10:38:20 UTC 2013

Karsten, could I ask you to take a quick look at this code?


It's a daemon that keeps a local cache of potential exit relays, sourced
from onionoo. It listens on a local port and sends "EXIT" when asked
about an IP address that is possibly an exit. The idea behind this code
was to have a fast local database that we can rapidly query from the
flash proxy facilitator, in order to prevent Tor users from being flash
proxies themselves.

Is this code the most straightforward way you can think to achieve the
goal? Do you have any suggestions on the use of onionoo? I wonder if
something like the daemon exists already. The code looks reasonable,
though I would make some changes before merging it. I want to gauge
whether detection of exits is worth the additional code.

David Fifield

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