[tor-dev] Tor Launcher UI feedback follow up

Mike Perry mikeperry at torproject.org
Sat May 11 05:04:46 UTC 2013

Thus spake Mark Smith (mcs at pearlcrescent.com):

> >>  - Wording suggestion:
> >>"This computer's internet connection is free of obstacles:
> >>[greenboldtext]My network operator does not threaten my person
> >>safety[/greenboldtext]
> >>"This computer's Internet connection is [redboldtext]censored,
> >>filtered, or proxied[/redboldtext]
> Thanks!  Regarding Tom's suggestion to use colored text, we are not
> going to tackle that at this time because doing so will complicate
> localization.  Also, Mike pointed out that in situations where
> physical harm is a real possibility, the person will be so censored
> that they will know to chose the Configure option.

I guess, to be fair, someone should double-check that my point above
is enough to decide against adding a *full* sentence here (instead of a
colorized fragment).

I think the main problem is that sentence fragment coloring is a big
localization problem, like Mark said. If we want to add color/style
changes to anything more than a single word, it needs to be at the full
sentence level. I think that's Mark's main concern, and on reflection,
it might actually be the biggest issue with this text, perhaps more so
than my issue if we can find a middle ground for it.

So, if we can think of a way to add a full sentence to the "Configure"
option that would help instruct a potential non-censored but still
heavilly persecuted and surveilled userbase (One example: Citizen
journalists reporting on the Mexican Drug war) to click Configure
instead of "Connect to the public Tor network", *without* also freaking
out everybody else who safely uses the public Tor network, then we have
a solution.

Otherwise, I think it should be left as-is?

Mike Perry
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