[tor-dev] LibOnionRoute released

wac waldoalvarez00 at yahoo.com
Mon May 6 19:24:43 UTC 2013

On Mon, May 6, 2013 13:59 EDT Jeroen Massar wrote:

>On 2013-05-06 19:45 , wac wrote:
>> Hi folks:
>> For all those interested I made an Initial release of the
>> modification that transforms Tor into a library. The former libTor
>> renamed to libOnionRoute. Windows only so far.
>> You can download at:
>> http://www.onionroute.org/downloads/
>As your code is based on Tor and that evolves, continuously especially
>regarding security fixes, other updates and newer features, is there a
>git-branch somewhere so that the changes you are making are visible?

The changes compared to Tor are still not that big with all due intention. I made them that way in order to ease migration to a new Tor release and/or include changes coming from Tor easily. Be able to keep up. As matters of fact you can still get a Tor binary out of the sources (or almost, this wasn't tested) if you undefine the LIBRARY macro. Also so people can study them easily. The changes are more source code study than actual modification. I do however understand that commits are more descriptive. If you do not understand one of the modifications just ask me, I can tell you what does the change to alleviate the lack.

As for Git, we are planning to move the repository to GitHub as we are looking to make this a community process. Review and include pull requests. Don't worry, I released that way because is faster not because being the best. Many people was requesting the source code, to the point that some guessed the sources archive name out of the binary archive. And downloaded it before being published at the website. This way they can be studying the sources in parallel while I work in other areas other than coding.

I will not be fixing bugs in Tor ATM but I expect that by the time sources to be in a Git repository. As matters of fact I plan to move the changes to the next Tor release and if is not stable, work on it to make it that way. Maybe coordinated with Tor developers.


> Jeroen

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