[tor-dev] Tor Launcher settings UI feedback request

Fabio Pietrosanti (naif) lists at infosecurity.ch
Fri May 3 19:49:12 UTC 2013

On 5/3/13 4:10 PM, Mark Smith wrote:
> http://trial.pearlcrescent.com/tor/torlauncher/2013-05-03/SetupWizard/wizard-all.png 
> (composite of all of the wizard panels).
While i've still not tried running it, i think that's very important to 
have a "default way" where the user with just "1 click" is online.

I mean that the wizard should provide as a first option a question that 
ask the end-user something like:
- Start Browsing
- Custom Settings

That way you will reach two kind of users:
- The ones that are OK with the default (or just doesn't know)
- The ones that require some custom settings (if they need it, they know)

The overall usability improvement would be very powerful because the 
user, from clicking to the application is just "1 step forward" with no 
additional complex question asked (from the end user perspective).


p.s. Following this improvement, from usability perspective i think that 
the most important steps are:
- Making a comfort loader during the loading of Tor Hidden Services (to 
avoid bad white page effect while waiting)
- Improving the Windows Installer (with a sort of installer guiding the 
end-user to the extraction process up to an open-browser)
- Make Mac OS X DMG packaging for distribution (rather than ZIP)

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