[tor-dev] Tor Launcher settings UI feedback request

Lunar lunar at torproject.org
Fri May 3 15:53:12 UTC 2013

Mark Smith:
> Currently, Tor Launcher provides access to the basic Tor network
> settings that are needed by TBB users.  We would like some feedback
> on the Network Settings dialog (accessible from within the browser
> after it starts up) and on a "first run" wizard that we have created
> based on a suggestion from Greg Norcie. […]
> http://trial.pearlcrescent.com/tor/torlauncher/2013-05-03/FromBrowser/networksettings.png
> (settings dialog as seen from inside the browser)

I wonder if it does not make more sense to put the proxy Type first
instead of last. I have seen HTTP proxies, at least, labeled like
"http://proxy.example.org:3128". So being able to enter the type, which
is specified at the start of the URL, before the host might be better.

Is the use of the first person the best way to word the labels? It's
not "me" who uses a proxy to access the Internet, it's the computer that
is in front of me. It might not even be mine…

"Enter one or more bridge relays in the form address:port": pluggable
transports will use an extra word. The current label is misleading.

I'm not sure about how useful is the big blue question mark icon just
before that. Is it an active button? In that case it's not clear enough
from the screenshot, so it might not appear to a user.

> http://trial.pearlcrescent.com/tor/torlauncher/2013-05-03/SetupWizard/wizard-all.png
> (composite of all of the wizard panels).

Does it make sens to write "Tor browser bundle" instead of simply "Tor
browser"? Given this window will be integrated in the browser, and that
there is no other visible software, it might just avoid some confusion.

"If you are not sure how to answer this question, look at the Internet
settings in another browser to see whethever you are using a proxy":
I have a feeling this might not be the best advice. Asking users to open
another browser enhance the likelyhood of them making mistakes.
I remember Firefox being able to dig connection settings in other
browsers. Can't such piece of code reused to get a suggestion?

"Enter a comma-separated list of ports that are allowed by your
firewall": I find the "your firewall" pretty ironic for most cases
I know. One's university firewall will not be exactly theirs.

In the bridge relay help panel, should <https://briges.torproject.org/>
and <bridges at torproject.org> be made clickable links?
This text is missing that bridges can be asked at the help desk.
Should pluggable transports be mentioned in any ways?

"Your browser will open after you are connected": this is misleading.
It should say "The Tor Browser" instead of "Your browser". It is not
the user's usual browser. I think it's also worth being more specific
than "you are connected" because it might be understood as "connected to
the Internet". Something like "The Tor Browser will open once
successfully connected to the Tor network", maybe.

Should the short user manual be added to this picture somewhere?

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