[tor-dev] Stem Integ tests for Tor

Damian Johnson atagar at torproject.org
Wed May 1 15:45:23 UTC 2013

> Hello!
> As part of the Stem Integ tests, nickm suggested integrating
> gcov into Stem. I did not get that part. Gcov is for code
> coverage of C/C++ source code. We could integrate it to Stem,
> but then it would involve executing command line statements
> on a gcov installed machine.

Hi Ashish. If the process of integrating gcov is to compile it with
tor then that's certainly an option. The steps would be...

1. Do it on your local system so you're familiar with the steps involved.
2. Open a ticket and work with weasel (the person administering our
jenkins instance) with specific instructions and work with him to get
it set up for our automated test runs.

> Also, we could add similar code coverage tool for Stem itself.

Certainly. Coverage is a nice tool that can produce html output. We
ran it over stem a while back to get some notion of our code


But it would be nice if runTests.py had a '--coverage' argument that
used the coverage tool (if available) to include this report. Filed a
ticket for this...


Cheers! -Damian

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