[tor-dev] (Py)Obfsproxy Debian packages

George Kadianakis desnacked at riseup.net
Wed Mar 27 21:56:43 UTC 2013

> George Kadianakis:
>> we have decided to keep the Obfsproxy name and simply replace the old C
>> codebase with the new Python codebase. It seems that 'obfsproxy' is an
>> extremely powerful brand name and changing it will result in user
>> confusion.
>> That said, what is the best way to update the Debian packages so that
>> they
>> contain the Python codebase?
> obfsproxy will be in Wheezy. So in any cases, if the binary package name
> is going to stay the same, it would probably be better to have a version
> number for the Python codebase higher than the previous implementation.
>> Lunar, how did the Debian package creation go? Do you need any help? We
>> should name the new packages 'obfsproxy'.
> The package is waiting in the NEW queue:
> http://ftp-master.debian.org/new/pyobfsproxy_0.0.2-1.html
> Do you plan to rename the Git repository, project page and all for the
> Python codebase? If not, we can have the source package "pyobfsproxy"
> create a "obfsproxy" binary package that would superseed the package
> currently in Debian. It could only be done after the actual "obfsproxy"
> is removed, though.

So here is my list of things that must be done to complete this transition:

Codebase changes:

- Change the format of future tags _and_ release tarballs from
  "pyobfsproxy-X.X.X" to "obfsproxy-X.X.X".

- Change the name of the executable of Python-obfsproxy from
  "pyobfsproxy" to "obfsproxy".

- I don't plan to replace all "pyobfsproxy" strings to "obfsproxy" in
  the codebase. I will change the ones that are easy to replace, but I
  will leave others intact. I will also leave the old tags
  (pyobfsproxy-0.0.1, etc.) as is.

- Tag a new Python-obfsproxy release: "obfsproxy-0.2.1". The last
  C-obfsproxy release was "obfsproxy-0.1.4", so the new tag should
  give the impression that Python-obfsproxy is more advanced.

Git repository changes:

- Move /obfsproxy.git to /pluggable-transports/obfsproxy-legacy.git .

- Move /pluggable-transports/pyobfsproxy.git to

Linux distro packages changes:

- Notify Linux distro package maintainers that the codebase of their
  "obfsproxy" package should be replaced with the newer Python codebase.

- Somehow (blog post?) notify bridge operators that they should start
  using the new obfsproxy, with all the new transports enabled.


- Try to fix Internet hyperlinks that point to
  gitweb.tpo/obfsproxy.git or other dead links caused by the operation above.

- Try to edit documents on the net that use the term
  "Pyobfsproxy" in a confusing way.

I'd like the "Codebase changes" section to be completed before we switch
git repositories or before we build Linux packages. Can you please ACK
that the "Codebase changes" section makes sense to you, or comment on how
it could be improved? If I get an ACK, I will move forward with the
codebase changes and then start speaking to people about the git repo
switch and the Linux packages.

(I have a small patch that implements most of the codebase changes
(everything except the release tagging) here:

(CCed some more package maintainers of Obfsproxy)

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