[tor-dev] (Py)Obfsproxy Debian packages

Jérémy Bobbio lunar at debian.org
Fri Mar 22 07:09:29 UTC 2013

George Kadianakis:
> we have decided to keep the Obfsproxy name and simply replace the old C
> codebase with the new Python codebase. It seems that 'obfsproxy' is an
> extremely powerful brand name and changing it will result in user
> confusion.
> That said, what is the best way to update the Debian packages so that they
> contain the Python codebase?

obfsproxy will be in Wheezy. So in any cases, if the binary package name
is going to stay the same, it would probably be better to have a version
number for the Python codebase higher than the previous implementation.

> Lunar, how did the Debian package creation go? Do you need any help? We
> should name the new packages 'obfsproxy'.

The package is waiting in the NEW queue:

Do you plan to rename the Git repository, project page and all for the
Python codebase? If not, we can have the source package "pyobfsproxy"
create a "obfsproxy" binary package that would superseed the package
currently in Debian. It could only be done after the actual "obfsproxy"
is removed, though.

Should I ask the ftpmasters to remove pyobfsproxy from the NEW queue
until we sort this out?

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