[tor-dev] Improving the HTTP interface of BridgeDB: bridges.torproject.org

Andrew Lewman andrew at torproject.is
Mon Mar 11 16:22:05 UTC 2013

On Mon, 11 Mar 2013 11:08:36 +0530
Sathyanarayanan Gunasekaran <gsathya at torproject.org> wrote:

In general, these look great.
Some nitpicking items:

> Here are the .htmls -
> https://people.torproject.org/~gsathya/html/index.html

1. The majority of users aren't going to know which obfsproxy browser
they're using. I understand the difference, but to make a decision,
we should only ship one obfsTBB and assume everyone is using it as a
target for this site. I'm guessing we just call the
obfsproxy-flashproxy-tbb as obfsTBB and move forward with it.

2. The correct email address is bridges at bridges.torproject.org

3. I think we should scrap "normal bridges" and only promoted obfuscated
bridges. In the bigger picture, "normal bridges" are already subject to
DPI attack and blocked in many places in the world based on Tor's
network signature alone. All bridges should be obfsproxy bridges.

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