[tor-dev] Interested in contributing to Tor-Dev through GSoC

Ashish Patil cool_asis_is at yahoo.in
Sun Mar 10 20:00:47 UTC 2013

Thanks 'atagar'! I've already been through the links that you gave me...
My hesitation to begin with anything at all was that I was not sure
to go directly into resolving bugs, I thought maybe prior knowledge of
networking & protocols (in-depth) was very necessary. But now that
I think of it, this way is the best way even though it might be hardest!

As to Nick Mathewson, I am ready to devote quite a lot of my time to
Tor irrespective of GSoC. I probably should not have mentioned GSoC
to begin with, but my problem is that recently my college network centre
blocked all outgoing connections through all but port 8080 i.e. the 
http proxy port. The firewall & port blocking now blocks IRC & a lot of
other things inclusive of Tor. Thus (I am not sure of the cause-effect implication)
I can only spectate IRC chat through http://www.mibbit.com & am 
unable to comment. Any alternative is always welcome!

This might be totally out-of-context in regard to the mailing list but
I really want to contribute to Tor due to the basic idea it represents,
that of, freedom of speech & anonymity & a lot of other things by
acting in a kind of rebellious way, which is the icing on the cake!

Thanks again!
-Ashish Patil
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