[tor-dev] Interested in contributing to Tor-Dev through GSoC

Ashish Patil cool_asis_is at yahoo.in
Sun Mar 10 13:46:10 UTC 2013

Hello! I am a newbie & very eager to contribute to Tor development.
I have been using tor since a year and a half & I have been looking around the website & the source codes since past month.
The upcoming GSoC has provided a very nice opportunity for me contribute to whatever extent I can.
I have interest towards Stem & Obfsproxy due to their applications & would like some beginner's guidance for the same.
Also, I would appreciate if anyone could provide me some online references that would help me
understand networking better (in order to understand the source code fully, also is that completely necessary?)

PS - I am very well acquainted in Python & have also contributed to it's development but only in Documentation aspect,
hence have good knowledge of revision control, building, etc.

-Ashish Patil
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