[tor-dev] Interested in contributing to tor through GSoC

Anirudh Vemula vvanirudh at gmail.com
Sat Mar 9 10:22:47 UTC 2013


I use tor everyday in my college as we have a http proxy which blocks
specific sites. It has been a huge help for me and I would like to improve
it by contributing to it by implementing new ways and resolving bugs.

I would like to do this year's GSoC with the tor organisation and I felt it
would be better for me if i get acquainted with the source code well
beforehand. I need suggestions on how to start going about understanding
the source code. I would love if there are bugs and mini-projects that a
beginner could resolve and improve my understanding of the source code.

Anirudh V

Anirudh Vemula | Junior Undergraduate | Computer Science & Engineering |
vvanirudh.blog.com |  Alumni Secretary Hostel 2 | IIT Bombay
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