[tor-dev] Gitian builds in VirtualBox with Vagrant

David Fifield david at bamsoftware.com
Thu Jun 27 17:54:57 UTC 2013

On Sat, Jun 22, 2013 at 05:17:44PM -0700, Arlo Breault wrote:
> If anyone has VirtualBox and Vagrant installed,
> https://www.virtualbox.org/
> http://www.vagrantup.com/
> and wants to try the new TBB deterministic builds,
> this worked for me,
>     > git clone -b vagrant https://github.com/arlolra/tor-browser-bundle.git
>     > cd tor-browser-bundle/vagrant
>     > make
> Mike, there's a few patches in there you may want,
> https://github.com/arlolra/tor-browser-bundle/compare/vagrant

This is rather exciting. Do you think that this method can be adapted to
build the pluggable transports bundles? This is currently done
semi-manually, with a makefile that builds the pluggable transports,
unzips the bundle, copies in some files, and re-zips the bundle.


We also have instructions for setting up a build VM from scratch--which
it sounds like is what Vagrant does--but I guess we would instead use
whatever is the build machine for the vanilla bundle.


It would solve a lot of problems for us to have the PT bundles built at
the same place and time as the vanilla bundles.

David Fifield

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