[tor-dev] Gitian builds in VirtualBox with Vagrant

Arlo Breault arlolra at gmail.com
Mon Jun 24 18:32:59 UTC 2013

> So this is a wrapper to install+launch a VirtualBox Ubuntu VM to use
> Gitian in LXC mode? Sounds good!

Exactly. Just codifies what it took to get it running in a VM.
> Hopefully by Monday I will have tagged TBB 3.0a2, and we will begin
> building it. If your build matches (or comes close), I will merge this
> stuff for 3.0a3.
> Note that I am about to commit some changes to mkbundle-*.sh, so be
> sure to rebase your github branch for your build (which you will also
> need to do anyways to pick up the latest 'versions' file tags).

Ok. I'll keep my eye out for 3.0a2 
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