[tor-dev] Remote descriptor fetching

Kostas Jakeliunas kostas at jakeliunas.com
Mon Jun 10 21:48:23 UTC 2013

Hi folks!

> Indeed, this would be pretty bad.  I'm not convinced that moria1
> provides truncated responses though.  It could also be that it
> compresses results for every new request and that compressed responses
> randomly differ in size, but are still valid compressions of the same
> input.  Kostas, do you want to look more into this and open a ticket if
> this really turns out to be a bug?

I did check each downloaded file, each was different in size etc., but not
all of them were valid, from a shallow look at things (just chucking the
file to zlib and seeing what comes out).

Ok, I'll try looking into this. :) do note that exams etc. are still
ongoing, so this will get pushed back, if anybody figures things out
earlier, then great!

> Tor clients use the ORPort to fetch descriptors. As I understand it
> the DirPort has been pretty well unused for years, in which case a
> regression there doesn't seem that surprising. Guess we'll see.

Noted - OK, will see!

Re: python url request parallelization: @Damian: in the past when I wanted
to do concurrent urllib requests, I simply used threading.Thread. There
might be caveats here, I'm not familiar with the specifics. I can (again,
(maybe quite a bit) later) try cooking something up to see if such a simple
parallelization approach would work? (I should probably just try and do it
when I have time, maybe will turn out some specific solution is needed and
you guys will have solved it by then anyway.)

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