[tor-dev] Haskell packages?

Lunar lunar at torproject.org
Thu Jun 6 08:34:22 UTC 2013

Hi Nikita!

Nikita Karetnikov:
> I'd like to improve my Haskell skills.  Are there any opportunities?
> I've been told there is at least one project that uses Haskell, which is
> not maintained.  (For example, this page [1] mentions TorDNSEL, which
> was replaced by TorBEL.)

TorDNSEL is providing an important service to the Tor community right
now. It should be replaced by TorBEL at some point. But the later is not

In order to have TorDNSEL work on Debian Squeeze, I did some small
changes to make it uses Control.OldException. But this does not work
anymore on GHC 7.4. The later is the version currently in Debian Wheezy.
If you wish to make weasel (one of Tor all mighty sysadmins) happy you
could update TorDNSEL to the new APIs and make sure that it works on
Debian Wheezy.

How do you feel about it?

Even if my Haskell is rusty, I'd be happy to have a look at your
changes, if you want/need some reviews. :)

Lunar                                             <lunar at torproject.org>
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