[tor-dev] Moved pluggable transports bundle build scripts

David Fifield david at bamsoftware.com
Sun Jun 2 00:10:19 UTC 2013

I've just moved the build files that were formerly in
/flashproxy.git/doc to /pluggable-transports/bundle.git. This is a
better place because the pluggable transports bundle doesn't really
"belong" to flash proxy--rather the opposite.

To build a pluggable transports bundle, follow the instructions in
bundle-gnulinux.txt, bundle-macosx.txt, or bundle-windows.txt. In short,
once you've set up the environment, you run for example
	make fetch-gnulinux-i686
	make gnulinux-i686
The first command downloads a plain Tor Browser Bundle. The second
unpacks the bundle, copies pluggable transports into it, and packs it
back up.

David Fifield

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