[tor-dev] PRELIMINARY: [PATCH 3/3] Replace 'TorDNSEL.System.Timeout' with 'System.Timeout'.

Nikita Karetnikov nikita at karetnikov.org
Thu Jul 25 21:02:31 UTC 2013

> Sorry for being slow to get to your patches.

No problem.  I'm glad that someone is actually interested in that.

> An overall comment: I am unconvinced about commit messages that details
> obvious changes for each impacted file.

Well, I agree.  However, even obvious changes might be useful in the
long term.  The GNU Coding Standards, which I use as a guide, suggest
the following: "Subsequent maintainers will often search for a function
name to find all the change log entries that pertain to it..." [1]  (For
instance, cgit allows that.)  It also helps when you're trying to fix
bugs.  Moreover, I often spot mistakes when I'm writing such messages.

Sometimes it's harder to write commit messages than code.  So if you
think that they are verbose, you're probably right.

>> The second patch removes a redundant function and adjusts some imports.
>> (I wrote a version of 'splitByDelimiter' that uses 'B.breakSubstring'
>> instead of 'B.findSubstrings'.  Let me know if you want to keep
>> 'splitByDelimiter', and I'll use that version.)

> Redundant or unused? I don't see any changes other than removing the
> function.

Unused, right.

> This single commit should probably be split in two, one saying
> "update imports to the new locations of internal GHC functions" and
> another one saying "remove the unused splitByDelimiter function".

Attached.  Do you have any other comments?

[1] https://www.gnu.org/prep/standards/standards.html#Style-of-Change-Logs

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