[tor-dev] Problems. Flash plugin works by default! I can see youtube video with Tor Browser Bundle

Zack Weinberg zackw at panix.com
Wed Jul 17 18:50:25 UTC 2013

[This question is off-topic for tor-dev, which is for development *of*
tor.  Please take future usage questions to tor-talk@ instead.]

Are you certain that the video in question is using Flash?  Browsers
have native video support nowadays.  It's difficult to tell for
certain without breaking out the webpage debugger, but you can make an
educated guess based on the contents of the menu that appears when you
right-click on the video.  Flash videos normally have "About Adobe
Flash Player" or similar at the very bottom of that menu, and native
browser videos normally don't (however, the contents of the menu are
somewhat under the control of the page, so this isn't a waterproof


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