[tor-dev] TBB without Vidalia

adrelanos adrelanos at riseup.net
Mon Jul 15 22:19:36 UTC 2013

Zack Weinberg:
> How technically difficult would it be to remove Vidalia from an
> already-packaged TBB?

For *nix?
I'd say trivial, once you figured out how (with basic sysadmin skills).

Win*: no idea.

Continuing for *nix...

As for the figure out part, for TBB stable, see:

Should be also helpful with little modification:

For TBB Alpha, notice that:
## Deactivate tor-launcher,
## a Vidalia replacement as browser extension,
## to prevent running Tor over Tor.
## https://trac.torproject.org/projects/tor/ticket/6009
## https://gitweb.torproject.org/tor-launcher.git

> (Ideally something that could be put into a
shell script.)

Yes, its just a shell script modification or custom startup script.

> Basically what I want is a more-current-than-ESR10
browser that uses a system-installed & -configured Tor instance.
> I wouldn't miss the Torbutton UI, either (it should just use Tor all
the time).

All possible.

You don't need to modify any TB (Tor Browser) socks settings, if you
open a local Tor SocksPort 9150 in torrc. And for ControlPort, just open
a Tor ControlPort on 9151.

If Tor is running on a different machine, running rinetd on and 9151 and forwarding to other IP/port can do the trick
as well.

Not sure what you want to do, but I am quite confident I can help out
due to my experience of getting Tor Browser to run in Whonix, where Tor
is running on a separate machine.

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