[tor-dev] GSoC Status Report - EvilGenius

Johannes Fürmann johannes at weltraumpflege.org
Fri Jul 12 19:01:28 UTC 2013

Hi *,

As the weekend approaches, it is time for my second status report on the
censorship simulation project "EvilGenius".

In the last two weeks I learned a lot about virtualization and the OONI
project EvilGenius is being planned and written for.

After fixing smoothing out some rough edges in the Vagrantfiles, I
created the first 'censorship provider', i.e. a blueprint for a box that
actually does censorship, in this case by untruthfully answer DNS
Queries to example.com with its own IP address.

As soon as this was done, Arturo and I talked about wrapping a nice CLI
around it and came up with a plan, which i will explain briefly.

basically, there are two core components to EvilGenius:
- Censorship providers and
- Measuremet Instruments.

Both of those components are boxes that run in different configurations
described by a .yml file. Our first goal is to generate vagrantfiles
from those files and boot them up.

During the weekend, I'm trying to tackle the Censorship provider class
and see how it goes from there.

You all have nice and relaxing weekends


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