[tor-dev] atlas.torproject.org question

Lunar lunar at torproject.org
Sat Jul 6 07:01:49 UTC 2013

Karsten Loesing:
> On 7/3/13 5:16 PM, me at rndm.de wrote:
> > I updated it to display bridge detail and enable bridge search. Works
> > fine so far.
> > You can now toggle between relays or bridges in the search results.
> This is awesome!  Repeating the link here, so that others can follow:
> http://makepanic.github.io/emberjs-tor-onionoo/#/

Small issues I spoted while playing with it:

 * If a search, then select 'Bridges' view, visit a bridge page, and
   then use the back button of my browser it switches back to the
   'Relays' view. Not ideal.

 * IMHO, the y-axis of the bandwidth graphs should always start at 0
   so multiple relays can be compared by layout graphs side by side.

How close is this piece of code to have feature parity with Atlas?

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