[tor-dev] a new project: "visionion"

thomas lörtsch thomas at stray.net
Thu Jan 31 22:41:45 UTC 2013

Hi everybody,

my name is Thomas and a month ago I started working on a project called "visionion" with the goal to 

		visualize Tor network metrics interactively in the browser. 

I just uploaded a readme describing the thingy and a draft of the database scheme to Github:


There's still nothing to look at or play with in the repository and it may well take another week or two until the first prototypes surface, but the dust has settled already a little and concepts and ideas begin to shape.

Karsten has been tremendously helpful in the early stages (and I'm sure he'll continue to be). He now suggested to involve more people into the discussion - which hereby I do. I'd be very glad to get your feedback, input, ideas, remarks, scrutiny and I'd like to invite everybody to take a look at the project and comment on any aspect of it - breakdown of the status quo, concept, realisation, or whatsoever!


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