[tor-dev] final torsocks RC 1.3 tar.gz up for testing

Jacob Appelbaum jacob at appelbaum.net
Tue Jan 29 18:58:10 UTC 2013

Oscar Koeroo:
> Hi,
> I've created trac ticket[1] #8063.
> The torsocks script has an option "on" which did't work and in the current
> state I'm curious on which shell it did work :-)
> The patch is included and only affects the src/torsocks.in file with a
> oneliner. More details are included on the ticket.
> 	Oscar
> [1]: https://trac.torproject.org/projects/tor/ticket/8063

I've now revered this patch and as a result, I've done nothing else for
this RC since my last email on the topic.

Thus, I am declaring the following tar.gz to be the final RC for 1.3:


% sha1sum torsocks-1.3.tar.gz
6e092a23549483b653b01cba746c2a7665e92ae0  torsocks-1.3.tar.gz

I believe that if no one has any objections and if intrigeri, nickm,
Oscar and/or meejah sign off on it, I'll call it a release, tag it and
push it the tag to master with no other changes.

All the best,

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