[tor-dev] torsocks RC 1.3 tar.gz up for testing

Oscar Koeroo okoeroo at nikhef.nl
Mon Jan 28 07:27:47 UTC 2013

On 27-01-13 22:46, Jacob Appelbaum wrote:
> I've merged this patch and as a result, I've also taken the liberty of
> cleaning up some autotools noise and bumping the version number.
> Thus, I am declaring the following tar.gz to be the RC for 1.3:
>  https://people.torproject.org/~ioerror/src/torsocks-1.3.tar.gz
> % sha1sum torsocks-1.3.tar.gz
> ebf71e2849edec20d7826b72c28b7aa4c4471936  torsocks-1.3.tar.gz
> I believe that if no one has any objections and if intrigeri, nickm,
> Oscar and/or meejah sign off on it, I'll call it a release, tag it and
> push it the tag to master with no other changes.
> All the best,
> Jacob

Checked it, it works fine.

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